Book Cover

Inspired by Marty Cagan

How strongly I recommend this book: 8 / 10

Date read: July 21, 2021

Summary - A classic book on Product Management

Marty Cagan’s Inspired will be my first recommendation to anyone who wants to understand what Product Management is all about. He talks about the impact good product managers can make (primarily in tech companies), and how many companies get this role wrong. How it’s important for you as a product manager to be the evangelist of the product for the team. And how to work across the many stakeholders PMs have to worth with. Big takeaways for me 1) Be the expert on the users, business, and market/industry. 2) Evangalize the team forward by sharing key learnings with broader teams. 3) Learn to love problems. Measure success through outcomes instead of feature launches.

Favorite Quotes and Chapter Notes

I went through my notes and progressively capture key quotes from all chapters below.

P.S. – Highly recommend Readwise if you want to get the most out of your reading.

Lessons from Top Tech Companies

The Right People

Building a Team of Missionaries

Product Manager and Key Responsiblities

Bring Smart, Creative, and Persistent

Working with Product Designers

Working with Engineers

Building The Right Product

Product Discovery

Top Reasons for Loss of Innovation

Organizations that lose the ability to innovate at scale are inevitably missing one or more of the following attributes:

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