• Art of Gathering by Priya Parker - Summary and Notes

    Art of Gathering – Priya Parker

    Date Read: December 28, 2023. Rating: 9 / 10

    A book that truly changed my perspective on the topic of gathering. We often gather on auto-pilot without being mindful. After reading this book, I have a heightened sense of gatherings large and small. There is a ton of actionable advice that I took away.

  • Feel-Good Productivity by Ali Abdaal - Summary and Notes

    Feel-Good Productivity – Ali Abdaal

    Date Read: December 27, 2023. Rating: 5 / 10

    I finished this book in 2 days but didn't find a lot of value in it. This book is a mesh of ideas and research from other productivity related books that didn't present any new ideas for me personally. Still its a worthwhile read if you're new to this space.

  • Win Every Argument by Mehdi Hasan - Summary and Notes

    Win Every Argument – Mehdi Hasan

    Date Read: November 30, 2023. Rating: 8 / 10

    I think Mehdi Hasan undersells his work through the title of this book. He has managed to blend in a ton of actionable advice with memorable stories and research to craft a compelling message. I highly recommend the audible version of this book since Mehdi has actual recordings of debates (including some very interesting past presidential debates) in the audiobook version.

  • Clear Thinking by Shane Parrish - Summary and Notes

    Clear Thinking – Shane Parrish

    Date Read: October 20, 2023. Rating: 8 / 10

    I've enjoyed reading Shane's Farnam Street blog over the years, and I was eager to grab this book. It had a slow start, but the ending was powerful. I particularly liked the parts about challenging our default behaviors and creating safeguards. The concept of making the invisible visible through writing was intriguing. I highly recommend reading the last few chapters.

  • Elon Musk by Walter Isaacson - Summary and Notes

    Elon Musk – Walter Isaacson

    Date Read: October 02, 2023. Rating: 8 / 10

    There are aspects of this book that are thoroughly inspiring and other parts skippable. Inspiring parts – Musk's strong focus on first principles thinking to build products from 0>1, his 'algorithm' to build products, the idiot index to optimize resources and finally his ability to take massive risks to achieve a grandiose vision. Highly recommend reading the first half of this book. Anyone who is interested in business/product strategy, should pick this one up.

  • Outlive by Peter Attia - Summary and Notes

    Outlive – Peter Attia

    Date Read: September 05, 2023. Rating: 9 / 10

    I learnt so much from this book. It's a great (and long) read on how to improve your overall health span – an objective that Peter lays out for Medicine 3.0. I took away lot of fundamental knowledge on improving my health from this book and more importantly to not lose track of also caring for emotional health.

  • Good Strategy Bad Strategy by Richard Rumelt - Summary and Notes

    Good Strategy Bad Strategy – Richard Rumelt

    Date Read: April 24, 2022. Rating: 8 / 10

    A classic strategy book. Easy to read and this would be my first recommendation for someone who wants to build a strong base in strategic thinking. This book is covered with a plethora of examples where organizations failed at their strategy, and where some excelled.

  • Understanding Michael Porter by Joan Magretta - Summary and Notes

    Understanding Michael Porter – Joan Magretta

    Date Read: July 14, 2022. Rating: 8 / 10

    Absolutely loved this book. I came in looking to understand Porter's Five Forces better, and I left with spending more time on his fundamental ideas on strategy.

  • Inspired by Marty Cagan - Summary and Notes

    Inspired – Marty Cagan

    Date Read: July 21, 2021. Rating: 9 / 10

    If you're new to the field of product management in tech – read this book! You can thank Marty later for all the time that he saved you in helping you build right product, picking the right companies to build at and much much more. Some of the advice may be hard to implement in the real world but it's good to be aware of it subconciously.

  • Book Notes - Nonviolent Communication by Marhsall B. Rosenberg

    Nonviolent Communication – Marhsall B. Rosenberg

    Date Read: January 31, 2021. Rating: 8 / 10

    Title comes across as strong but this book has many gems in how to communicate that can not only help in personal relationships but also professional.

  • Key Takeaways from Morgan Housel's Psychology of Money

    Psychology of Money – Morgan Housel

    Date Read: January 03, 2021. Rating: 9 / 10

    Morgan Housel defines 'Psychology of Money' as "a soft skill where how you behave is more important than what you know." It's been one of my favorite books of 2020. From exploring what wealth/money means to us, to why we make decisions managing our finances. There's a lot of broad wisdom shared in this book and the principles can definitely help people reading it improve their behaviors/outlook on personal finance.