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Clear Thinking by Shane Parrish

How strongly I recommend this book: 7 / 10

Date read: October 20, 2023

Summary / Top Takeaways

Shane talks about how there are 4 defaults we are programmed on and it serves our best interest to conciously be aware of these defaults. The defaults are 1. The emotion default: we tend to respond to feelings rather than reasons and facts. 2. The ego default: we tend to react to anything that threatens our sense of self-worth or our position in a group hierarchy. 3. The social default: we tend to conform to the norms of our larger social group. 4. The inertia default: we’re habit forming and comfort seeking. We tend to resist change, and to prefer ideas, processes, and environments that are familiar.

To overcome defaults, you’ll need to build your strength. According to Shane, there are 4 key strengths 1) Self-accountability: holding yourself accountable for developing your abilities, managing your inabilities, and using reason to govern your actions 2) Self-knowledge: knowing your own strengths and weaknesses—what you’re capable of doing and what you’re not 3) Self-control: mastering your fears, desires, and emotions 4) Self-confidence: trusting in your abilities and your value to others

You also need to manage your weakness. I love this line “The formula for failure is a few small errors consistently repeated.” To overcome these errors, Shane’s book highlights a few safeguards to prevent making bad decisions. My favorite was taking time to reflect on what contributed to the mistakes by exploring the thoughts and feelings behind them.

There are two principles that follow the example of the best decision makers:

  1. Take responsiblity for defining the problem.
  2. Identify the root cause of that problem.

And finally, if you want to improve your judgement ask yourself “What do I want in life? And is what I want actually worth wanting?”

Favorite Quotes and Chapter Notes

I went through my notes and captured key quotes from all chapters below.

P.S. – Highly recommend Readwise if you want to get the most out of your reading.

Introduction: The Power of Clear Thinking in Ordinary Moments

Part 1: The Enemies of Clear Thinking

Part 2: Building Strength

Part 3: Managing Weakness

Part 4: Decisions: Clear Thinking in Action

Part 5: Wanting What Matters

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