Book Cover

Art of Gathering by Priya Parker

How strongly I recommend this book: 9 / 10

Date read: December 28, 2023

Summary / Top Takeaways

This book opens with how a strong purpose to a gathering helps guide the decisioning on who to invite and how to structure the gathering. Often we do this step in reverse. People often don’t realize that there is a window of opportunity from when the invitations are sent to when the event actually starts where the guests can be ‘primed’. Priming the guests before the event has even begun is a great way to have a memorable gathering. Strong openings that awe guests and bring them together as a group, combined with thoughtful closings that help people reflect, and reconnect outside the even can elevate the experience they have from the gathering. Lots of actionable takeaways and advice here that has truly changed my perspective on gatherings large and small.

Favorite Quotes and Chapter Notes

I went through my notes and captured key quotes from all chapters below.

P.S. – Highly recommend Readwise if you want to get the most out of your reading.


One | Decide Why You’re Really Gathering

A Category Is Not a Purpose

Commit to a Gathering About Something

Some Practical Tips on Crafting Your Purpose

Purpose Is Your Bouncer

Part One: Who

Part Two: Where

“Chill” Is Selfishness Disguised as Kindness

Authority Is an Ongoing Commitment

The Wonders of Generous Authority

Protect Your Guests

Equalize Your Guests

Connect Your Guests

Half-German, Half-Egyptian Authority

Etiquette vs. Pop-Up Rules

“I Am Here” Days





Sprout Speeches, Not Stump Speeches

No Ideas, Please. We’re Gathering

The Stranger Spirit

Fresh Eyes

The Invitation Matters

Host, Reveal Thyself

Risk Management

Cage Matches Aren’t Just for Wrestlers

Why Closings Matter

Just Accept It

Last Call

The Anatomy of a Closing

Finding the Thread

And Now, the End Is Near

Recall Your Purpose

The Exit Line

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